Love this Hugh Laurie photoshoot.

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"Makes me look like I’m going Fast."

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There’s something wrong. Some detail I’m not noticing that’s spoiling the big picture.

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Never ending list of angels →  Gregory House

Life is pain. I wake up every morning in pain. Work is pain. You know how many times I just wanted to give up? How many times I’ve thought about ending it?


Revisiting my House feels..

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“For eight years, I worked as hard as I knew how, to make House as good as it could be. I frothed and fretted over every detail, every line, every moment. Driving home in the small hours, I pounded the steering wheel as I replayed mistakes in my mind. I tossed and turned every night, plotting the next day’s maneuvers, until I reached moments of near-madness — some would say nearer than near — because I loved House with all my heart, and loved the other characters and the world in which they moved just as much.”

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